Paradigm Shift

Hmm, a few days ago I got invited for a Gmail account. A few days later I finally gave del.icio.us a try. Both technologies changed the way I do certain things almost instantly and probably for good. Both give up with hierarchical structures of organizing data (folders within folders within folders within folders...) and use a flat model applying labels (label combined with label combined wiith label...). More on that is coming up soon here, but if you are not aware of those services, do yourself a favour and check them out.

Anyway, starting a blog was left on my todo list for 2004, so here it is. Staying consistent with the subtitle of this blog - be prepared to encounter various ramblings and thoughts in progress here. Topics might include OS X (highly likely), GTD (my current affection), enjoying the web, music, system theory, programming, mind- and lifehacks, television,... nothing special.

Hope you will enjoy your stay, feedback is highly welcome

Saurier Duval

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