26 January 2005

Bedtime Story

Tonight it was snowing. I decided to take a midnight walk since there hasn’t been too much winter-feeling coming up this year. It was nice and quiet, all pathways were virginally dusted in white. At some point a girl – we know each other from seeing without ever speaking with each other – crossed my way.

When I went back I started to follow the prints of my own steps (this comes and goes, but at times I unconsciously and almost addictively try to place my steps at patterns if some are available). When I then came across her footprints from before I switched over to them. It was funny, I wanted to keep my current walking speed and almost had to double my stepping frequency. And suddenly I came to a point where she had begun doing the same with the prints of my way out. She quit doing this after a few steps, they obviously were to large, but I really had to laugh out loud. How likely is this?