3 February 2005

Homeopathic TV

A while ago, and then another while ago, I had a television set which was broken. I couldn’t turn it off and if I’d just pulled the plug out I coudn’t turn it on again. So it was permanently on for about 6 months, until it finally gave up (I didn’t).

I guess what I want to say is I used to watch way too much television. Recently I stumbled across Creating Passionate Users (a great blog about mind- and lifehacks, learning, the brain, and the user experience), more specifically across Kathy Sierra’s New Year’s Resolutions/anti-TV rant and Escape your TV. This was the trigger for rethinking my TV-behaviour again.

What I came up with was to not quit watching TV at all (I tried this once. It was great for 4 weeks or so, all this time!, but then I started getting dizzy in my brain, felt more and more stressed – watching TV seems to perform some sort of refreshing brain dump that can not easily be emulated otherwise), but to watch it in scheduled, homeopathic amounts.

Todays dosage was the Mens Combined at the Alpine Skiing World Championships – my fellow citizen Benjamin Raich won btw. – The pictures above are snapshots from a great stunt performed by Bode Miller, who lost a ski, and almost managed to reach the finish nevertheless.