Peter Cooper's FeedDigest launched about two weeks ago, and it's a nifty little app.

At a glance, Feed Digest frees the feeds you are subscribed to (or your own) from your feedreader and makes them mix-, filter-, and republishable any way you want.

Check the frontpage for a list of the major use cases, I'll just take a look at the publishing features:

The basic unit is no longer a feed, but a digest (which is composed of one or more feed sources). The free account gives you 5 digests composable of 3 feed sources each and will display up to 15 items, and if you are the real data junkie you can upgrade to up to 150 digests composed of up to 100 sources (see the picture above).

Each digest is highly configurable (sort by date, title, or randomized; asceding or descending; how many items you want have displayed; encoding; filter by keywords matched; display only live items (if they still are in the source feed); remove duplicates or not),

and (and this is where FeedDigest really shines): each digest has various output formats for most (re)publishing needs:

* JavaScript
* RSS/Atom
* and HTML (you can create customized templates here) which you can publish stand-alone or include via PHP or however.

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