Second Order Tagging

There are systems, and if these systems reach a critical mass or a certain degree of differentiation, second order systems evolve, which describe these systems. (The same goes for these second order systems).

supr.c.ilio.us is a second order tagging site (the World's First Social Social Tagging Site Tagging Siteā„¢), which is a specialized service for tagging and keeping track of all those tagging sites which emerged during the last year or so.

There is one major flaw in the user interface: it's pretty hard to keep track of the sites you tagged yourself. The URL for displaying a users site is http://supr.c.ilio.us/userdocs/list_for_user/[userid] (userid being the number assigned to you by the system, not your username - so you have to find out your id yourself).

But it has a built-in rating system (number of votes for a site and buzzword compliance), and you can hook up with other meta-taggers.

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