1 March 2006

News Mix Read

Recently launched:

FeedShow is a new web based feed reader. No pills, no thrills, but there are two really nice features:

besides printing and emailing items, you also can tag them at del.icio.us or save a copy to your computer right from within FeedShow. I like this a lot, because I can comfortably save items I want to read sometimes/when I’m offline without tagging them at del.icio.us before I’ve actually read them. (There are hacks and workarounds accomplishing this for other feed readers available, of course, but FeedShow offers a one click solution.)

After a decent period of running in private beta Newsvine – a social news aggregator fed by stories from the AP – launched today.

Registered users can discuss and vote for stories (and can write their own columns), but the most delightful feature is that it’s looking great and has very much the look and feel of a blog.

Atiki is another feed mixer with a social flavor: you can tag the mixes you create, others can clone your mixes, and popular mixes are promoted.

One cool (potentially highly useful) feature is the possibility to filter the mix by words or phrases.