6 March 2006

Brainstorm Edit Publish Filter

Recently launched, minimalistic, and highly focused:

BrainStorm is an interesting tool written in Rails for web based collaboration. You can create Conversations and invite others to participate. It’s still a little bit buggy but quite interesting, since you can add a variety of content fragments – appointments, checklists, ideas, quotes, reminders, tasks, and so on -:

Pixoh is an online photo editor. Currently it lets you resize, crop and rotate photos, but more features are on the roll.

ShortText lets you publish microchunks of text on the web. Each fragment gets its own (short) URL. Nice.

Last not least FeedSifter lets you create filtered feeds which only let pass items containing specified keywords. This is handy if you want to scan many feeds for specific topics only (see also Atiki in my previous posting).