31 December 2007

Linklove 2007


1,000 users and 10,000 visits at Rotaboard (arblog)

Museum of Modern Beta then came along, and in it’s wake followed: The Spanish software blog GenBeta came along and sent hordes of Spanish people to our

brainR (web2null) (via)

Deligio, el buscador de software social (bitslab) (via)


Fliqz, FreshBooks, SwitchPlanet, YouTube Politics… (mashable) (via)

De blog en blog – Entrevista con Diego Polo de… (tuexperto)

Qué cinco blogs son imprescindibles para ti y procuras no perderte nunca? – MoMB – Genbeta – Loogic – BitSignals – Pixel y Dixel


Get Cultured: visit siteMighty in the museum (voodoo ventures)

siteMighty made it into the Museum of Modern Betas today. We’re proud to be enshrined in the history of the web. If you’re looking for a fun diversion, head over there and visit us. Shhhh… please remember to keep your voice down.


MoMB: a museum for things that don’t exist yet (web teacher)

What fun! MoMB: most anticipated, The Museum of Modern Betas tracks interest in unreleased betas, or
the 50 most anticipated applications in the webosphere, as measured by the number of bookmarks at del.icio.us for apps which are not publicly released yet.
They promise to update this list once a week.
After a peek at what people are longing for in beta, go to the home page and look at the various web based apps in beta release that are mentioned here


Who Else is Down With the Publishing Revolution? (actonetwork)

Museum of Modern Betas. MOMB is a great example of attention-oriented blogging; it’s nothing more than a collection of links and blurbs on a niche topic (new web 2.0 companies). From a publishing/monetization perspective, this enables low cost production which in turn allows for healthy profit margins without requiring high profits.

pick!t today: ’2007 wird wunderbar’ (exciting commerce)

Crece tu red de contactos (powerpymes) (via)

Cosas por hacer en ambiente 2.0 (powerpymes) (via)


Trig: Good-looking social networking, or is it? (Webware)

…It first caught my eye when I saw it featured on The Museum of Modern Betas…

Be a Beta Tester! (edtech goldrush)

So, where does one sign up to “test-pilot” new software? Take a look at the Museum of Modern Betas. If you have other sources of betas, please let me know.


spicypage, el digg de webs y blogs (bitsignals) (via)

Crear unha tenda online (algarada) (via)


Things that make me ‘shake’ in a meeting with entrepreneurs (ouriel)

‘We have no competition’: first make sure that you checked on that well (use BuzzShout or MomB for this), if possible before our meeting. Second you can be sure that if you have a good idea you will have competition. Actually being alone in a market is rather a bad news. Finally you always have competition. If you assume you try to reach internet users, then you will have to convince them to come to your service better than any new service. there are only 24h in a day.


What are the best betas of 2006? (somewhat frank)

Readers of Museum of Modern Betas encountered the same issue and so the poll results were weighted by year with older betas receiving less points per vote. According to the MoMB poll results the Betas of the Year 2006 are…

Best of Web 2006 (co operative)

Das MoMB (Museum of Modern Betas) ermittelte sein 10 Betas of the Year in einer demokratischen Abstimmung.

Museum of Modern Betas MOMB (free pims blog)

Well worth checking out! Lots of beta sites listed and categorized, even the ones that are not active yet.


Web 2.0 (ryan lehky)

I found a pretty cool list of 100 Web 2.0 sites