2 August 2008

Paradigm Shift Revisited

Well, this blog has been sleeping for a while. But sometimes the world throws a coincidence at you, and it makes sense to pick it up and run with it.

screenshot new Delicious

In my very first post back in December 2004 I mentioned how del.icio.us and Gmail changed my work- and infoflows for good, and oddly enough they still do. Since del.icio.us was able to rejuvinate itself as shiny new Delicious, this might be a good trigger to relaunch Blog before you Think! too.

I’m not entirely sure where this will take me, but the topics should be about the same: useful new webtools, hopefully clever hacks on how to use them, a few links to interesting stuff, etc. I’m involved in a few other blogs and I contribute my fair share of cool hunting at the Museum of Modern Betas so the posting frequency here probably will be relaxed, but hopefully consistent.