23 March 2007


Joyent (the longest lasting beta test I’ve ever participated in) just announced Slingshot, a lightweight framework which allows Ruby on Rails applications to run offline on your PC/Mac and to easily sync the data between the online/offline versions. A desktop release of the Connector is scheduled for the end of next month. I can’t wait.

see First Impressions: Joyent and Bookmarks

23 March 2007


urlTea is another URL-shortening tool with a nice twist: it let’s you annotate the shortened URL [http://urltea.com/9x?urltea-tiny-urls-with-semantics], and it also has a simple API.

21 March 2007


Make Link – a useful Firefox extension which speeds up the process of creating links. It’s configurable, so you can create your very own link types (e.g. for Textile)

17 March 2007


Cute project from Microsoft Research (who knew?): Asirra

Asirra (Animal Species Image Recognition for Restricting Access) refines captchas by asking users to identify photographs of cats and dogs and is offered as a free web service.

They’ve partnered up with petfinder, who provided Asirra

with over two million images of cats and dogs, manually classified by people at thousands of animal shelters across the United States. In exchange, we provide a small “Adopt Me!” link beneath each photo, supporting Petfinder’s primary mission of finding homes for homeless animals.

15 March 2007

Tag Descriptions

del.icio.us just added Tag Descriptions which let you annotate your tags to provide some sort of explicit reflections on your tagging heuristics.

I really admire Joshua Schachter for his ability to innovate (sometimes seeing the obvious first vs. adding features), for his resistance against popularity contests (i.e. digg, Technorati WTF) and for leaving out the crap.

12 March 2007

Dabble DB Commons

Now this is seriously cool: critically acclaimed Dabble DB announced a free version – the Dabble DB Commons

You get the same sweet features as their paid service (check out the 7 minute demo), the only difference is that all data are publicly accessible and licensed under a Creative Commons license.

8 February 2007


Gee, only two days after the release of Useless Account – somehow the conceptual nirvana of Web 2.0 (currently more than 6000 people are euphorically doing nothing) – Yahoo! released this weeks second major milestone of the web: pipes

Pipes is a hosted service that lets you remix feeds and create new data mashups in a visual programming environment. The name of the service pays tribute to Unix pipes, which let programmers do astonishingly clever things by making it easy to chain simple utilities together on the command line.

(via too many)

5 February 2007


Usually I try to avoid IM, too noisy, no polite way to schedule responses, ... but IMified is a slick tool which might boost the productivity quotient quite a bit.

Once you’ve added the imified-buddy to your contacts in a messenger of your choice (AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Jabber) you can trigger various functionalities (notes, todo items, reminders) by sending messages. IMified even lets you access external services like Blogger, WordPress, Remember the Milk or Basecamp:

3 February 2007


Sparklines meet del.icio.us: sparktags

3 February 2007


S3Fox – a Firefox extension for accessing Amazon S3.

20 January 2007

Parallel Economies

The always brilliant Abstract Dynamics on the DJ Drama drama


In other words at least within the world of hip hop the mixtape industry has just about every component they need to replace the traditional music industry completely. If an artist can make as much or more money on the mixtape circuit why bother signing with a major label at all? Given how much more vital and exciting mixtape music is compared to the overproduced major label product it’d probably be a good thing … The recording industry has lost everything on the cultural and artist side of things, all they have left is the money and lawyers to bully the real competition; at the expense of just about everyone else out there no less.

18 January 2007


Verbotomy – the create-a-word game.

Nice, but the terms and conditions are kinda aggregoistic:

5. All data and information you provide to us on or through this website becomes the sole property of The James Gang Advertising Inc.

18 January 2007



At Footnote.com you will find millions of images of original source documents, many of which have never been available online before.

31 December 2006

Linklove 2006

Backlinks for the MoMB 2006 IV


Das Webworker-Web im Jahr 2006 (evita net)


Nio+ (beta alfa) (link)


BETA web services from The Museum (zec)

The world of permanent beta services on the web aggregated and called The Museum of Modern Betas. Nice try :)


30 sources d’information pour l’entrepreneur web 2.0 (simple entrepreneur)

pas vraiment un blog, mais plutôt une liste continuellement mise à jour d’applications web en cours de développement. Idéal pour se tenir informer des nouveautés avant tout le monde.

about 2.0 updated (stumpel)


Betas of the year (2803)

Saurier Duval, l’auteur du très utile momb (Museum of Modern Betas) m’a demandé de lui donner les 5 betas (il faut un sigle beta près du logo de la boite) qui selon moi ont marqué l’année 2006. Voici donc la liste des 5 betas que je lui ai donné et pourquoi je les ai choisies.


The Widget Year in Review (snipperoo)

…We climb to 18 in the Museum of Modern Betas Most Anticipated…


Google Betas Gallery (google blogoscoped)

The “Museum of Modern Betas” also features Google – in fact, Google recently cracked their 100 sites barrier. Their page was removed due to bandwidth problems, I’ll see what I can do.

Backlinks to the MoMB 2006-III


Applikasjoner i web 2 (2010)

MoMB bloggen holder deg oppdatert på de siste (det meste) av nye applikasjoner basert på web 2.0.


Everything new on the web, all the time (shawnblog)

MoMB (Museum of Modern Betas) is a sort of spoof / play on MoMA and the many hyped out Web 2.0 “beta” vaporware sites on the web. Why search google for new sites when they are all continuously being added here as they appear?

The colour of beta (diary of a website)

I was wandering through the list at MoMB (The Museum of Modern Betas Most Anticipated) – a sort of highly subjective list gathered from del.icio.us links. I thought I would do a bit of an experiment and see what colours and what tone (dark or light) is the main colour of the holding page or site found. The results are rather interesting and ignoring the design of these and just looking at the colours and tone gave me a different look at the sites as a whole.

kitkat (die romantische komödie)


it’s cool to be hot (blueblog)

blueorganizer is officially hot! According to http://momb.socio-kybernetics.net/hot-100


SingShot (El desván de Ciberescrituras) (via)


Beta Heaven (Information Overlord)

Thanks to Read/Write Web for a ,link to the museum of modern betas
Some interesting stuff – and of course lots more of the same stuff too …

Originaliteit gezocht! (blue ace)

Onlangs postte Read/WriteWeb (RWW) een overzicht van aan de weg timmerende Duitse Web 2.0 projecten, in samenwerking met The Museum of Modern Betas waarvan de samensteller in Duitsland blijkt te wonen.


links for 2006-07-31


Top Ten German Web Apps (chinese) (reblogged)

MIT Libraries beta releases to make access to information easier (superpatron) (via)


Picture Push + Teamspinner Beta (3spots)

Incase you want more, go visite the The Museum of Modern Betas (MOMB), they have the hole collection browsable by tag! And here [RSS] ;)

Top 10 Blog aggregati (pandemia)

Great News è un aggregatore di feed RSS per Windows, pratico, leggero e in italiano, anche se non perfetto. Una delle funzioni divertenti che ha è mostrare i 10 blog più letti tra i propri, dal momento dell’installazione del programma. Quella che segue è la mia lista.
1 – Micro Persuasion (ENG)
2 – MoMB (ENG)


Top Ten German Web Apps (readwriteweb)

is an excellent resource for finding out trends in (beta) web apps. A new list that caught my eye recently was the Beta Quotient for Germany – i.e. a list of 100 web 2.0 apps from Germany (betas and non-betas).
Germany has a beta quotient of “more than 50%”, but what I really wanted to know was: what are the top web apps in Germany? I asked Markus from MoMB, who actually lives in Germany, what he thought the top german web apps are. Based on his responses, here is my summary…

Top Ten German Web Apps (federated media) (reblogging rww)

Web 2.0 múzeum (webizen)

A Web 2.0 szolgáltatások szaporodnak, mint a gomba. Néha felbukkannak olyan weblapok, melyek rohamszerűen összegyűjtik, és megpróbálják katalogizálni ezeket – például egy ilyen nagyon jó lista a Sacred Cow Dung által összeállított. Ha át akarjuk tekinteni a kínálatot, akkor ezek a listák nagy segítséget adhatnak hozzá. Van azonban egy olyan oldal, mely példamutató kitartással gyűjti nap-mint-nap az egyes oldalakat, ez pedig a Museum of Modern Betas, avagy a modern béták múzeuma. Minden tiszteletem az oldal gazdájáé: nem kis munka. Az oldal azért is szimpatikus, mivel ugyan keveset, de magyar linkeket is tartalmaz: egyelőre kettőt, a Linkteret és a web.zin.hu-t. Akkor találkoztam vele először, amikor nézegettem a webzin statisztikáit, és meglepődve tapasztaltam, hogy szinte rögtön az indulás után be is került az oldal. Az oldal szerkesztője már nem emlékezett, hogyan találta meg, de a del.icio.us-t tippelte. Az azért elég durva, hogy a tavaly október óta folyamatosan frissített lista immár több, mint másfélezer oldalt tartalmaz, nem?


Fliqz, otra forma de almacenar y compartir… (genbeta) (via)

MoMB (zweipunktnull)

The Museum of Modern Betas


The Museum of Modern Betas (blog kardeşliği)

MoMB adlı site son zamanlarda sıkça duymaya başladığımız bütün “beta” web aplikasyonlarını bir araya getiren ve onları tanıtan bir blog.
blog kardeşliğini de 14 Haziran 2006 tarihinde tanıtmışlar ve bu “beta” aplikasyonların bloglarına gösterilen ilgiye göre dizilen ilk 50 arasında 38. olmuşuz.


Bix – American Idol online? (laurence timms) (also)


links for 2006-07-19 (omaiga)


MoMB Cool Mashup (six kids and a job)

This site, cutely called the Museum of Modern Betas (MoMB) is a pretty cool use of del.icio.us bookmarks. It uses the frequency of bookmarks to show which unreleased products or websites are the most anticipated, or the fastest growing etc. Some of those sites will likely be worth more than many of the rare paintings at MoMA, so it pays to visit.

No Reason to Live? (the feldman file)

Is it just me, or is the flow of Web 2.0 startups getting incredibly lame? I just spent some time perusing eHub, MoMB and TechCrunch, all blogs that track new web sites and services. Here are the descriptions of some of these new services…


Taggly, otro marcador social más (genbeta) (via)


Docly, another online word processor with a Twist (postbubble) (via)

Segnalati da MoMB (taggly)

CSS Cart Is On The Way (only cool sites)

Happily Powered By Wordpress, freecsscart is presently ranking 8th on MOMB – Most Anticipated List and, we hope to keep climbing up the list of “Most Anticipated”.


Añade una linea de tiempos de escritura en tu … (genbeta) (via)


links for 2006-07-14 (jorgemir)

links for 2006-07-14 (technomojo)


In praise of the low cost of failure (Obviousness)

The onslaught of web 2.0 start-ups we’re seeing these days is a direct result of the new low cost of entry. Or to put it another way, the low cost of failure. Sure, a lot of the business plans may be a little fuzzy and out of focus, but I’m sure we’re going to see a lot of amazing new things in the world thanks to the low cost of making mistakes.

Wisdom of crowds wankfest (kingsley 2.0)

Jeezus, this wisdom of crowds crap is inflating the bubble so fast, that even Nick Carr can’t keep up with all the dissing that needs doing. When I found CambrianHouse via the Museum of Modern Betas this morning, the first thing I thought to myself was that they have a crack team of designers. What they don’t have, though, is users who are skilled enought to know how to use Google.


Startups that Shutdown (3spots)

I think taking the risk of installing a new extension that may disable or break an other extension is asking too much. So I think they are definitely a minus, it makes things complicated and if people won’ take the risk of installing the extension, they can’t try it, and so obviously they won’t talk about it. (exempt though social bookmarks or blogs like MOMB.)

links for 2006-07-12 (gurus blog)


The ultimate Link List of nearly Everything 2.0 (random good stuff) (bumpel)

アメリカのブロガーの話題ランキング (multiply)

Most Anticipated (freecsscart)

We just wanted to share the that we are the 8th most anticipated BETA release on the internet. You can see here: MOMB – Most Anticipated List


ClockingIT, gestionando proyectos (great solutions) (via)


Zlango – Post TechCrunch Post (zlango)

We made the top 100 [actually, the top 60] in MoMB
The Museum of Modern Betas lists the hottest betas in the webosphere, as measured by the number of bookmarks at del.icio.us.

Duno.com, mas preguntas y respuestas (genbeta) (via)

ClockingIT, gestionando proyectos (genbeta) (via)

Docly; escribe, publica, comparte o vende tus… (genbeta) (via)

Docly; escribe, publica, comparte o vende tus… (muy geek) (via)

MoMB: Clocking IT (its about time)


GTD and the weekend (Discerning Discipleship)

While I was surfing for the address of redlettr, I found this collection of betas, MoMB, the Museum of Modern Betas , which might be a tech feed that’s worth keeping an eye on.

Humanized Reader (JinFoo) (via)


Museum of modern betas (hasematzel)

… Überraschung Ich habe meinen Augen nicht getraut, aber auch schoenerbrausen.de ist nun in das Museum of modern betas aufgenommen worden. Gratz to me ;) Jetzt muss ich nur noch dafür sorgen, dass schoenerbrausen.de dem Statussymbol Beta auch gerecht wird.

Wikibios.com (amy maxwell) (via)


Startups zonder bubbels (ontwikkelen)

Het nieuwste project van WeBreakStuff heet Postbubble en beschrijft tot zinken gedoemde Web 2.0 websites. Techcrunch komt met de Deadpool tag, en een vergelijkbare categorie bij The Museum of Modern Beta’s laat vast niet lang meer op zich wachten. Hoewel er nog volop gediscussieerd wordt of de hele Web 2.0 hype nu al een bubbel genoemd mag worden zijn sommige mensen schijnbaar alweer bezig aan de afdaling.

Pointoo schon im Museum (pointoo)

….of Modern Betas. Mehr dazu gibt es hier.

El Museo de las Betas Modernas (tomcaster)

Marina Zaliznyak me paso hace unos días este enlace para que conozca The Museum of Modern Betas (perdón si es ultra conocido…)
El sitio es interesante porque presentan betas de nuevos servicios muy 2.0.
Marina es blogger en Multilingual Search y Chief Consultant y Co-founder de Zento Media en Madrid.

Museum of Modern Betas (chirag batra)

Check this Museum of Beta. Actually its not a museum of antiquities its actually site that is listing webbased applications that are on a beta trip.


The Museum of Modern Betas (pyre blog)

This, from Mike Gunderloy, who got it from Ned Batchelder. Can you tell it’s a procrastinatory kind of day?

The Daily Grind 917 (larkware)

Museum of Modern Betas – OK, there are just a scary number of Web 2.0’ish sites in beta these days. (via Ned Batchelder)

The Museum of Modern Betas

This is really good fun, check this Museum of Beta sites, hopefully not a museum of antiquities and the number of Beta sites is just incredible. Welcome to the Web 2.0 world!


Per a mares i el MoMB (nuria masdeu)

D’altra banda, el MoMB, Museum of Modern Betas. Es tracta d’un lloc dedicat a llistar les aplicacions web en fase beta. Està molt actualitzat i alguns dels beta que presenta estan molt bé!

The Museum of Modern Betas (the community at large)

Noticed the way loads of websites say, “beta” usually to the top right of their logo? That’s a feature of “Web 2.0″ (What is Web 2.0?) Example: gmail.
Here’s 1500 more websites like that: The Museum of Modern Betas.

Cell Journalist in the News

Over the past few months we have been mentioned in articles around the world. We appreciate all of the articles, even if a few stung more than others. Here is the list that I have compiled in no particular order

MoMB: Pageflakes (bannaga) (reblogged)

Ge-Linkt 02-07-06 (brigadoon)


One less beta (ned batchelder)

The Web 2.0 trend to label everything beta has been continuing unabated. The Museum of Modern Betas lists nearly 1500 sites labeled “beta”.
Over at Tabblo, we’ve done our part to combat this pernicious phenomenon by leaving our public beta period after only six weeks…

Not a Poem But a Backup For Your Blogger Template (bple)

Lo ví en otro portal
y quiero participarles BlogU
donde se obtiene razones
para actualizar su blog;
y hacer links responsables.
No importa si usa una Mac
o sigue lo que se dice en MoMB.
Todavia sigue siendo un blog.

Tracking Web 2.0: MoMB (freshblog)

Backlinks reveal the Museum of Modern Betas, a blog and digital screencap exhibit (?) dedicated to tracking innovation on the web and exploring the explosion of new services that are available. There’s a bunch of different ways to browse the museum. Pay a visit!

Maps are for drawing on (hippoblog) (via)

Backlinks for the MoMB 2006 II


Frucalling around for prices (postbubble) (via)

The Invitation – Wedding Etiquette (my invitation) (spam)

Museum of Modern Betas (kazam)

Das MoMB bietet einen guten Ausblick auf das nächste große Ding, das in der Pipeline wartet. Jede Menge Web 2.0 Dienste, wie es sich gehört im Beta- (oder sogar im Alpha-)Stadium. Reinschauen lohnt sich.

Starting to happen (stufflinker)

Getting noticed (adsymetrix)

A list of Web 2.0 sites in beta (martincrockett)

Beta-crazy: current count of 122.


Alesti – Otro lector de feeds parecido a Blox0r (wwwhat’s new)

En la figura inferior tenéis un ejemplo de visualización del feed de Momb.

Zlango buzz (2803)


2006-06-27-stockCloud (langreiter) (BoMB)

Permanent link to My 2006 predictions for… (sean hudson)

… This will continue to foster a whole legion of new startups with no business plan except to be bought out by the likes of Yahoo or Google…

Museum of Modern Betas (surview)

We’ve been linked by the Musuem of Modern Betas (surview). I’d seen the site before, but never spent much time on it. Interestingly, less than 5% of applications seem to make it out of beta! I’m guessing that figure is not totally accurate – I’m not sure how often they’re checking all the sites. Nevertheless it’s pretty worrying. Rest assured that Surview will make it out of beta and into the big bad world on schedule (more or less).


Streamick, directorio de televisiones que emiten por internet (goodbikes) (via)

links for 2006-06-26 (Resonance Partnership)


SimplePie is on the Hot 100! (simple pie)

According to the Museum of Modern Betas, SimplePie has made the “Hot 100″ for the week ending on June 25th, 2006 . What is the Hot 100, you ask? The hottest betas in the webosphere, as measured by the number of bookmarks at del.icio.us added within the last 7 days.

Nombres de sitios web inspirados en el de Flickr (cyberfrancis)

Cuantas veces he dicho la cantidad de sitios web 2.0 que acaban en “r” como en flickr. Pues bien, MoMB acaba de sacar una lista con todas estas webs, un total de 79 sitios, 34 de ellas en beta.


Zoho Show: Presentaciones tipo Powerpoint online (nblog) (via)


Web 2.0: hope vs. hype (being peter kim)

Two sites tracking the rise and fall of web 2.0:
The Museum of Modern Betas. Lists the latest and greatest apps.
TechCrunch’s Deadpool. We’ll probably only see the larger and more public flameouts here, but what goes up must come down.

Sell-out 1.0 BETA (randomchaos)

As I move projects to MakeDataMakeSense.com, I’m giving everything a pretty icon and otherwise trying to make it look more “professional,” under the theory that people are more likely to pay attention to something that looks like it might be for sale. And this is apparently working as evidenced by one project now listed in the Museum of Modern Betas as a “beta by inheritance.” I guess I just need to tack a meaningless “beta” icon on everything to complete the sell-out process (without actually selling anything).

trashbit ( El Blog de Jordi Miró) (via)


The Museum of Modern Betas (blogoehlert)

I love the Web sometimes. Here is a site “dedicated to listing webbased applications on a beta trip.” Their Top 100 list looks like a great mix between ones we couldn’t live without now, buy-out targets and where are they nows.

Windows Live ID Client SDK (link windows live)


Trackbackr, trackback virtual para blogs (genbeta) (via)

Trackbackr, trackback virtual para blogs (Your Daily News On The Web) (via)

060619 The Big Categorized List of Nearly Everything Web 2.0 (bob stumpel)


Extortr (cyberfrancis) (via)


The Museum of Modern Betas (betahq)

En interessant side – et virtuelt museum, MoMB.
Det er også interessant at forholde sig til beta som begreb, som jo er så meget andet end lige de der tekniske applikationer. At være i beta handler stadigt også om andet end teknik, fx. om processer og mindset.
Hvis man nu tænker i mindset, hvordan synes du så at beta defineres?

It Pays to Promote! (free css cart)

Because we are still finalizing our feature list, this weeks update we are linking back to our greatest linkers to say thanks!


TalkShoe: Turn your conference calls into podcast, and earn money (21talks) (via)

I Hate AOL (just lo fi) (link)

moQvo, agregador social en flash (bloguzman) (via)


Web Me 2.0 (sociocorpus)

As we prepare to launch our own Web 2.0 offering OnlineGroups.Net, I am constantly looking around to get a feel for the space that we are entering. I won’t try to define Web 2.0, but I can point to a couple of the lists that I look at, and imagine being on.
The one I have most fun with is the The Museum of Modern Betas because it keeps changing, blog-style and has such a cool name.


Modern Betas and New Releases (small business software)

Very cool site to learn about new products and services available on the web.

Truly web-based homepage and shredding scissors (stsui is here) (via)


Visualizando o desenvolvimento mundial (fabio seixas)

Achei esse site através do MoMB – The Museum of Modern Betas que alias é outro site muito bacana. Você vai encontrar uma lista de sites que estão em versão beta. Tudo de mais recente e inovador da web 2.0 passa por lá.

A Glimpse into the Future of the Internet (messaging times)

do you want to know what hot projects are on the burner for podcasting, RSS, video, social networking, Google or any number of other web developments? Check out the Museum of Modern Betas (MoMB) and take a glimpse. The best way to search for something specific to your interest is to use the tag cloud provided.


Museum of Modern Betas (betech)

Sorry, this isn’t about trendy desktop fish. The Museum of Modern Betas (MoMB) is too busy to bother with fishies—its mission is to collect and sort links to all the Web 2.0 applications existent. In alpha itself, MoMB offers several different views of its lists mashed up with del.icio.us stats. Think of it as a Billboard Top 100 for web geeks. It’s cool stuff and it reveals a lot of gems that might slip by


What’s new? (seth godin)

Markus recommends: MoMB. Tomorrow’s web stuff, right now.


Like to try out betas? There is plenty to choose from (mats bergman)

The Museum of Modern Betas lists a whole lot of web services still running as beta (that is, still under development/testing).


The Museum of Modern Betas has been updated (signal vs. noise)

The Museum of Modern Betas has been updated. So far only 2.3% of the sites tracked have made it out of beta. There’s even a list of betas that aren’t out yet but are already ranked on del.icio.us. And of course you need to check out the top 100 betas ranked by overall bookmarks at del.icio.us. Sigh.
As we like to say around here… Rock sauce.

The Museum of Modern Betas has been updated (Tom Peters Wire Service) (reblogged)


Design 2.0 chez Techcrunch (presse-citron) (comments)

ma bible web 2.0 c’est MoMB (c’est là que techcrunch se sert)


Museum of Modern Betas (gizmoojo blog)

If you are into the hype and vibe of the Web 2.0, here’s one site that should interest you. MoMB – Museum of the Modern Betas. And yes, Gizmoojo.com is the list


Krugle is hiring (john d mitchell)

The site is currently in a limited beta and we’re getting great feedback. I just saw that we’re the most anticipated launch on the Museum of Modern Betas. Heck, that’s even cooler than winning a DEMOGod award.


MoMB: List of soon to be released betas (vecosys)

The 50 most anticipated applications in the webosphere, as measured
by the number of bookmarks at del.icio.us for apps which are not
publicly released yet. This list is updated each Sunday. There are some very well know private betas in this list and TechCrunch have reviews on most if not all of them. The one that made me laugh was www.runfatboy.com


Museum of Modern Betas (podradio blog)

En ny URL klättrar snabbt på listan över Podradio.nu:s vanligaste referrers: http://momb.socio-kybernetics.net/beta/podradio.
Det viade sig vara Peter Lindberg på Fleecelabs som tipsat Web 2.0-museet om oss. Tack Peter!

Coming Down The Pipe (spyware guide)

As a researcher it is critical to look at not what is on the ground but what is coming down the pipe in terms of development ideas.
This site lists all sorts of sites and applications which are in beta and a handy reference for the curious. For the REALLY curious check out the current alpha releases.
Check out the Museum of Modern Betas.


Breaking with the pack: bye bye beta, hello iota (blurt.info)

Always ahead of the curve. Now I’ll never make it to the museum of modern betas.


most popular betas 03-2006 (vaspers the grate)

(MoMB) has published a list of the most popular betas.


Museum of Modern Betas (joho)

The Museum of Modern Betas is a frequently-updated list of betas. You can see them listed in order of popularity as measured by the number of bookmarks at Delicious.com, or in a tag cloud, etc. The reliance on Delicious means that it’s not a scrubbed list on which you’ll only find beta-ish betas — for example, Flickr is a beta in name only, and the web2.0 list is not actually a beta at all — but if you want perfect precision, you’re probably not all that interested in ragtag betas anyway


how many websites a day do you check? (rob blatt is)

shit. I really should have backed those up at some point.

Somos utilizados por grandes empresas: Top de servicios en beta.- (la coctelera)

Backlinks for the MoMB 2006 I


The Museum of Modern Betas (network world)

Heard of “Match My Pet”? matchmypet.com is a Web site currently in beta that aims to help you search for the best match for your pet! What kind of best match? I have no idea as the site appears to be offline at present but as and when I feel the need to match whatever it might be to my pet, I now know where to go …
You may be wondering how I came about this rarified knowledge … the answer is the Museum of Modern Betas. The MoMB tracks what’s potentially hot out in there in the Webosphere by listing what’s in beta on the Web and even tracking which beta sites are the most popular.


1000 Beta Applications (somewhat frank)

Museum of Modern Betas or MoMB has recently hit a milestone by reporting on beta application number 1000. Wow! That is a lot of betas. Congratulations MoMB on your accomplishment. Additionally, MoMB as put together an image of all of the previously reviewed screen-shots from each beta patch-worked together. Part of it is shown above be sure to go here to see the full image. Interestingly, MoMB also pulled up an image of the Google beta from 1998 and we all know how that went.

El Museo de los Servicios Beta (desdeguate)

The Museum of Modern Betas es un blog en el que ha recopilado 1,000 servicios que han sido liberados en estado beta.

Google! Beta (fischmarkt)

Der tausendste Eintrag im Museum of Modern Betas. Jeder fängt mal klein an.

On the web – Day 7 (arno nel)

El museo de las betas modernas (esmiblog)

En el blog The Museum of Modern Betas hay un listado de 1.000 servicios on line que fueron liberados en beta, (la mayoría sigue de ese modo)


Museum of Modern Betas Ranks Popular Web Apps (newsvine)

The Museum of Modern Betas, or MoMB, has ranked “the biggest betas in the webosphere” by number of del.icio.us bookmarks. For March, Flickr comes out on top, with Netvibes a distant second.
It is not clear from the site what the author considers a beta. The About page states that the MoMB site itself is in “early alpha”.


Web 2.0 Tools and Resources for Managing Social Bookmarks (Dave’s Imaginary Sound Space) ((replace __ with !)

Managing and sharing our online bookmarks can sometimes be a laborious process especially considering the growing number of services we have to choose from. Social bookmarking provides a rich source of information for discovering interesting resources and trends. For example Hublog mp3blog TopList, Hype Machine mp3blogs Toplist and MoMB – Popular Betas (March 2006), all use the most popular bookmarking site del.licio.us. to factor list rankings.


Social Software part II (pasted escape)

Though there are a lot of interesting sites to discover over at the Museum of Modern Betas, what exactly does the user gain in knowledge after joining up with riffs.com for instance? The catch is to give either a thumbs up or down to every possible concept imaginable… from Philip Seymour Hoffman to baby pandas to sombreros.


museum of web 2.0 hypes (semantic world)

has a decent list of web 2.0 apps that are in “beta” status. Includes all services I am on. If you want to enter your e-mail address and your friends to another x services, this is the place to go.
Look also in the weblog, where the author writes some interesting lists of alphas, etc.


What else did we learn this week? (guardian unlimited)

Because “beta” is the Web 2.0 version of the 1990s “Under Construction” page, there’s a “Museum of Modern Betas” at http://momb.socio-kybernetics.net/. Be prepared for a lot of browsing – there’s about 70 pages of them.

Was morgen im Museum landet… (werbeblogger)

… oder eben nur im Museum of Modern Betas landen.


MoMB – the museum of modern betas (tara hunt)

This is hilarious.


Museum of Modern Betas (ron jeffries)

Jeff Barr of Amazon writes about the Museum of Modern Betas. The rate of innovation in web space is astonishing. May a thousand betas bloom.


CommandN #37


Sign Me Up (jeff barr)

After a visit to the Museum of Modern Betas, I signed up to be notified when a whole bunch of new services launch

In Beta: Cool Stuff to Check out! or ‘oh how I love to beta test! (stuffed)

This is bad, I’ve only gotten to page 30 of the MOMB list….. I got no chance of getting any work done today – too many new things to play with!! ;-)


MoMB (ned barchelder)

The Museum of Modern Betas is a sparely-designed list of over 800 web sites in beta. I often wonder what Beta even means these days, given how many years Google Groups (for example) has been in beta. Of course, I can’t exactly throw stones these days…

museum of modern betas (swissmiss)

The Museum of Modern Betas features 67 pages (and counting) of Web 2.0 sites that are in beta.


The Museum of Modern Betas (ITW)

Aus der Serie »Watt ett nitt all jitt«: MoMB, das Museum für moderne Betas mit der Unterabteilung Alphas.

Et vous quel sont les blogs que vous lisez ? (joomla) (link)

MoMB (marcel neuhausler)

MoMB, “The Museum of Modern Betas” the perfect place to get an overview of all the new web-based applications. Cool!


The Museum of Modern Betas (kottke)

features 67 pages (and counting) of Web 2.0 sites that are in beta. This might also be Yahoo’s shopping list.


MoMB (über geek)

C’est peut-être le secret le mieux gardé de la blogoshère et, soyons modeste, de l’internet : un annuaire des services Web en versions béta.Mais de quoi qu’il cause, lui ? Du Museum of Modern Betas qui récence tout site de service qui n’est pas encore officiellement lancé. Des dizaines, que dis-je des centaines de sites pleins de “Web 2.0″, de RSS, de tag clouds, d’hébergements de vlogs, de partage de fichiers, de social networking et j’en passe. Des trucs pour faire des bidules avec des machins dont le commun des mortels n’a encore entendu parler, à part quelques-uns comme les services de Google, Yahoo!, CoComment et autres Mabber. Certains n’en sont même pas au stade de la version béta, mais en alpha. D’autres ont déjà mis la clé sous la porte.
Pour savoir réellement ce que propose un service, il faut visiter le site du service en question, car les descriptions dans les fiches de MoMB (qui se résume souvent au slogan du site) ne sont pas très parlantes. Parfois, il sera indispensable d’ouvrir un compte (quand ce n’est pas sur invitation) pour savoir enfin de quoi il en retourne.


shopiere (shopiere) (link)


Museum of Modern Betas (Crickets Chirping)

This is so awesome. I can’t belive I hadn’t seen this before today: the Museum of Modern Betas posts brief entries with screen shots of new betas of “web 2.0″ companies. (I hate “Web 2.0″ – It’s more like “Wheel 2.0″ but even griping about it has become tired.)


The Museum of Modern Betas (perun)

The Museum of Modern Betas: eine Auflistung diverser Web 2.0-Projekte. Ist zwar nicht sonderlich übersichtlich und der eine oder andere Kommentar des Verfasser wäre schon informativ, aber schon interessant welche Projekte es so gibt.


MoMB – The museum of modern betas (dubairy)

Keep one eye on the future and try not to crash whilst coding. Eye have one I firmly fixed here


Tracking Web 2.0 (web things considered) (link)


Ressources Knowledge Worker (Outils Froids) (comments)

J’ajouterais un troisieme site incontournable, le “Museum of Modern Beta” : http://momb.socio-kybernetics.net/. Ce site référence tous les services qui se lancent (alpha, beta) de manière assez exaustive.


All betas, all the time (cnet)

If you appreciate first editions, you may want to check out “The Museum of Modern Betas.” And since many of these projects have not yet launched (by definition), you can also be among the first to know of their existence—if, that is, they ever get off the ground.


bubble update (antimega)

I keep my ear to the ground. I check out tens of new Internet and mobile services a month. I read about even more; on sites such as my current favourite, Museum of Modern Betas, and on techcrunch, that has an evangelical furvor that is becoming unsettling.

Sites for College Students (joel on software forum) (comment)

The “Museum of Modern Betas” is the best place I know to stay in touch with the “flavor of the moment” in UI design.
Just remember that MoMB is a fashion magazine (which I think is what you are looking for) and not neccesarily a guide to great or even good user interface design.


Museum of Modern Betas (metafilter)

The Museum of Modern Betas lists the newest in web 2.0 kinda stuff. Blog? Check. Feeds? But of course. Tags? You betcha.


2005 Best Links that Missed the Cut (negatendo)


What happened to MoMB?? (macro linz)

10 December 2006


Joyent – a collaborative communication suite (email, calendar, people, files) for small teams – see my previous postingrecently added bookmarks.

My first take was wtf, aren’t there more than enough pretty decent services available by now?, but on second thought they make perfect sense, not so much for bookmarking, but as an adapter to functionalities Joyent doesn’t offer (yet), but others do well.

Need a to-do list for a project? Head over to Ta-da List, create a list, share the URL, bookmark it in Joyent, add the project-tag and you are done. Every member in your team will have access to it.

Or plug in memos and notes (Writeboard), wikis (Stikipad), chat (Campfire) or project management (Basecamp or GoPlan) and so on.

4 December 2006


fantastic WordieLike Flickr, but without the photos

25 November 2006

Cost Structures

... As a result, when the cost structure for creating, say, an encyclopedia changes, our existing assumptions about encyclopedic value have to be re-examined, because current encyclopedic values are relative, not absolute. It is possible for low-cost, low-value systems to be better than high-cost, high-value systems in the view of the society adopting them. If the low-cost system can increase in value over time while remaining low cost, even better.

... Barriers to both access and re-use are built into the Britannica cost structure, and without those barriers, it will collapse. Nothing about the institution of Britannica has changed in the five years of Wikipedia�s existence, but in the current ecosystem, the 1768 model of creation � you pay us and we make an Encyclopedia � has been transformed from a valuable service to a set of self-perpetuating, use-crippling barriers.

... The measure of possible virtues of an encyclopedia now include free universal access and unlimited re-use. As a result, maintaining Britannica costs more in a world with Wikipedia than it did in a world without it.

Clay Shirky in Social Facts, Expertise, Citizendium, and Carr

10 November 2006

Playlists and Glimpse

Bloglines just added a new feature called Playlists, which lets you re-organize / filter your feeds for various feed reading modes.

Playlists lets you create short groupings of feeds to access from your main list. Create as many as you like, and use them to personalize your Bloglines experience that much more. Create them, change them, even delete them – all without changing your original “tree” of feeds.

For extra fun there is also a Glimpse View in singlepage-aggregator style.

6 November 2006


Wow, Google Reader has one absolutely fabulous feature I completely missed: a next bookmarklet, which takes you to the next unread item of your subscriptions when you click it right within your browser.

(Google Reader -> Settings -> Goodies)

It is particularly useful for subscriptions which only include snippets or when you want to read an article in context.

You also can filter it by tag, so you can mark the feeds you want to read this way with some metatag if you’ve got too many subscriptions.

3 November 2006

Repetitive Strain Injury


a program for Mac OS X that helps prevent RSI (repetitive strain injury) and other computer related stress. It does so by forcing you to take regular breaks, yet without getting in the way. It also detects natural breaks so it won’t force too many breaks on you.

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