30 April 2005

Next Action Balls 12

current snapshot of my next action balls basket


A few days ago Chris Murtland posted a good set of strategies for deciding on which Next Actions to act upon within a given timeframe. I really love the idea of building a reusable set of patterns (aleatoric next action, mixins,...) that fits ones individual needs.


My (frog shaped) timer, and I feel pretty lost without it. I basically used it for various kinds of sprints (anti-clutter sprints, feed sprints,...), but since its gone I just quit some habits. (I installed EggTimer (a nice little app) but it doesn’t really cut it for me.)

28 April 2005


Hmm, del.icio.us comes with a pretty minimalistic design nowadays:

One problem with relying on (clever and smart as they might be) webapps (or building ones business on them – as recently promoted by Evan Williams and O’Reilly Radar) is: they do fail.

[Note to self: make an exhaustive list of current dependencies, evaluate the impact for worst and observed cases, come up with some sort of backup, interims, and exit strategies]

26 April 2005

Blogs with Clarity and Focus

Fitlog – A daily chronicle of [Mike Warren’s] attempts at fitness
The Year of Coffee Blog – Take a photo of each and every cup of coffee and post it
Google Sightseeing – Take you to the best tourist spots in the world via Google Maps’ satellite imagery
Popgadget – Personal Tech for Women
101 Cookbooks – Exploring a collection of cookbooks, one recipe at a time
Chocolate and Zucchine – the fancy side of food
information aesthetics weblog – towards creative information visualization
Mighty Goods – hooray for stuff
PostSecret – ongoing community art project
Tricks of the Trade – Professional secrets from those in the know
IDFuel – the fire to create
Cooking for Engineers – Recipe Tabular Notation Patent Pending

25 April 2005


Just added those infamous tag clouds to this blog (as seen on the Observer Blog, Joi Ito, O’Reilly Radar or Ask MetaFilter). I just love them. Whenever I run across them, I have this uncontrollable desire to click on all the tiny tags (I rarely click on the biggies).

21 April 2005


Pasta is a handy little tool for adding taggable text (notes, annotations, recipes,...) to the del.icio.us framework. It creates a webpage from the text entered and submits the URL to del.icio.us. Note that the page created is public and can not be modified or deleted.

Part II : bad Pasta

Never mix different types of pasta.

I’m always astonished about how much influence the shapes of the different pasta variants have on the overall taste of a dish, how they combine well with the one sauce but not the other and so on, but I never expected the combination of different shapes (like Spaghetti and Macaroni as I just did) to taste that odd. It seems like the gustatory nerves become confused and irritated, not knowing which signals to send…

19 April 2005


Just a sidenote: I wonder whether the quantity of and the naming conventions used in blogrolls reflect some conceptual disposition of the blogger. There is masturbatoric selflinking to ones own projects only, mutual crosslinking within blogclouds, or promiscuous outlinking; using the authors and not the titles of blogs (John Gruber vs. Daring Fireball, Merlin Mann vs. 43 Folders,...) might indicate an unbroken believe in an authentic and autonomous voice; using the titles might indicate a dedication to brands, and so on.

Nah, bullshit. But it’s fun to look at blogrolls trying to figure out the underlying motivation for exactly that structure – and not all possible others. (It was this blogroll that got me thinking. He uses a highly unlikely sorting technique.)

19 April 2005

Next Action Balls 11

current snapshot of my next action balls basket

current mood: lazy, goofy.

minor technical adjustment:

During the past 2 weeks I was experimenting with Mark Wieczorek’s Cascading Next Actions (this article is an overall excellent introduction into the whys and hows of Next Actions), a method I like a lot since it basically eliminates the need for separate project lists at all. The negative side effect for my setup (each Next Action is written on a Next Action Note and made a Next Action Ball when done) was a decreased output of Next Action Balls, since I’m reusing the notes, scribbling the follow-up Next Action on the same note.

14 April 2005

Pet Project

May I introduce: mashup, an aleatoric metablog. The input is hijacked from blogs I like, the output (somehow syntactically correct ramblings) is generated by a tool I originally developed to transform spam into something useful.

13 April 2005

The Sublime Object of Morphology

Face transformations created with the Face Transformer.

5 April 2005

Next Action Balls 10

current snapshots of my next action balls basket

minor technical adjustment:

Supplementary to using a color based scheme for assigning contexts to Next Action Notes I started to annotate them with tags as well – a trick I picked up from Edward Vielmetti. This actually works pretty well since it provides a higher level of granularity for sorting or rearranging the notes if I want to without distracting if I don’t.

1 April 2005

Delicious Maps

Ongoing fun with del.icio.us hacks. extisp.icio.us creates psycho-geographic maps for any del.icio.us user account given.

This is the map for the entries of this blog: