31 December 2005

Linklove 2005


Simpy API + PHP + Ajax = happy blog (simpy forum)

(cross-posting to simpy-dev, as some may like to turn this into a little
project or hack on it further, etc.)
The mention of a sidebar and Simpy reminded me of something I received
from one of the happy Simpy users: Those of you with blogs and in love
with Ajax will find this cool:
I’d love to see how others integrate this into their blogs. It looks
like something I’d want to have in my blog if I had a PHP-based blog
like Drupal or WordPress.


TiddlyWiki Mania (digital media minute)

Saurier Duval has compiled a great list of resources for the awesome client-side wiki called TiddlyWiki. You can find server-side saving written in almost every language imaginable, and many different skins or themes.


meta-lj (clicky nicky) (via)


Rmail e Gmail per creare un archivio news (rss world)

Saurier Duval ha pubblicato oggi un articolo sul suo spazio Blog before you Think!, descrivendo come sia possible combinare le funzionalità di R|mail e Gmail per realizzare un corposo archivio di notizie.


TiddlyWiki (framasoft) (resources)


Nette Online-Denkspiele (Studying E-Business) (via)


RSS Feeds, Continued (inflatable sheep) (quote 5s)


Backlinks for the MoMB 2005


Das Museum der Modern Betas (einfach persönlich)

Eine Liste der besonderen Art habe ich beim Surfen gefunden: The Musuem of Modern Betas. Beta-Varianten sind in aller Munde und ersten heute langfristige Produkttest. Der Kunde wird zum Beta-Tester. Wenn man die Liste liest, kommen sicher manche Einträge komisch vor und man wird sich wunderen, dass es in der Tat (noch) so ist.

The Museum of Modern Betas (consumer empowerment)

Documenting that software companies are massively increasing their reliance on consumer and customer empowerment, The Museum of Modern Betas is compiling a list of web-based applications in beta. There is also a blog.


You beta watch out (usatoday techspace)

The mighty Book of Joe points us to the Betas of the Year 2005 list at the Museum of Modern Betas, which lists Web-based applications still not officially ready for prime time. (The authors of that site note that the Museum is “in early alpha,” which I think means that alpha is therefore the new beta. Right?) I’ll admit that, like Joe, I’m not familiar with all of these sites, though Etsy is certainly beckoning me or, rather, beckoning the ginormous pile of scarves I’ve made over the past four months as I relearn my crochet skills. But Flickr? I guess I keep forgetting that Flickr is beta because I can’t imagine life before it.

MoMB: Betas des Jahres 2005 (namics)

Vor Kurzem hat Roli Schönholzer über den momentanen Beta Hype geschrieben und Marc Faeh hat uns dabei via Comment auf das Museum of Modern Betas aufmerksam gemacht.
MoMB hat nun die Charts des Jahres 2005 veröffentlicht


Museum of Modern Betas (bookofjoe)

Sure, everybody knows about MoMA but I’ll bet you’ve never heard of MoMB — time to rectify that, doncha think?
Me too.
Without further ado, then, here is a link to the MoMB’s “Betas of the Year.”
Oh, I see how it is: you’re far too busy to be running around visiting links — you like it right up front and center where you can easily get at it, then toss it, eh?
No problema.

Wists – Social Shopping (mashable) (comment)

The Museum of Modern Betas is the best resource right now


MoMB (smallthought blog)

Hey, we’re one of the runners up for Beta of the Year over at the Museum of Modern Betas. We’re in great company: del.icio.us, Measure Map, and Google Base (among others) were also on the runner-up list. And congrats to Writely for taking the top spot.
Here’s hoping for “Launched App of the Year” in 2006 ;)


Museum of Modern BETAs: Top 10 BETAs for 2005 (hypocritical)

Good idea, I thought. Everybody seems to love them there lists. I mean, some folks can’t get enough of them.
But, unfortunately, the ol’ MoMB must have been hurting for entries, because they came a knocking at my door, asking for my submission. Ack. You guys are kind of dragging the bottom of the barrel when you personally ask me to submit my entries. But, I appreciate a good ego stroke as much as the next blogger, so I quickly coalesced. Oh well, their loss.


100++ Web 2.0 Betas (occams razor)

Some of today’s Web innovation pulse: The Museum of Modern Beta (The MoMB site) has a bunch of cool Web 2.0 sites.


The Museum of Modern Betas (scobleizer)

The MoMB site has a bunch of cool Web 2.0 sites.


Yet another Google Service: G2G Exchange (bengston) (via)


Trend Watch: The Museum of Modern Betas (queeby)

Posts titled ‘Trend Watch’ will deal with good ideas to locate and identify Web-Trends.
What can be fresher than a hot and steamy beta version of a new service? Nothing, but how do you locate all these new services, and apply fast enough to beat all the other beta-enthusiasts to get an invite? You have to act quick. Of course you can read all the important blogs, and I’m sure you are familiar with the usual suspects. Another, reltavily new option, is to go to MoMb.
MoMb (Museum of Modern Betas) is a site dedicated to listing web applications and services “in a beta trip”. (link – about). During the last month, the site updates daily, and adds new Beta’s to the list. Amongst others, you can find there famous betas like the new Google-Base and the Yahoo! Shoposphere, and other less celebrated ideas like Woomp and Qoop.
The site (a blog, actually) – has two special sections: one for services in Alpha versions (like gabbr), and another for invitation only sites (like Newsvine). Subscribe to the RSS feed, and you are sure to keep track on every new beta around the globe.

chuquet.com – the flickr wall (laurence timm)

Watching the web stats for chuquet.com, I noticed that one or two people have blogged about it. I got a lot of hits from MoMB in particular. This is pleasing, since I haven’t exactly promoted chuquet.com yet. I’ve blogged about it here – but alas this particular feed isn’t in anyone’s Top 500. I also put a link on www.web2ornot.com – just for fun. So where are these people coming from?


Tach Post (real life) (via)


The Museum of Modern Betas (artnetz)

MoMB hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, Sites zu listen, die sich das zur Zeit recht trendige Label “beta” gegeben haben. Bisher sind über 100 Web-Applikationen gelistet.


MoMB : le blog de l’avant (aeiou)

Amis développeurs, amies softivores, j’ai le plaisir de vous présenter The Museum of Modern Betas. Un blog. Un musée. Une collection d’avant-grade.


Wer mal lachen will (blog age)

kann ja mal bei MoMB vorbeischauen. Schon erstaunlich, womit Leute im derzeitigen Internet-Boom versuchen, Geld zu verdienen. Aber schon ganz nett anzuschauen, diese vielen neuen Tools.

Museum of Modern Betas (patrick haney)

The MoMB keeps track of new web-based applications that are in beta, keeping you up to date on happenings all over the web.


Was soll ich bloß testen? (niemeyers tech blog) (replace __ with amp)

MoMB – The Museum of Modern Betas (webpedia)

The Museum of Modern Betas (laurea)

A bunch of sites in beta mode gathered in one place. Even notes which sites need an invitation to join.

Museum of Modern Betas (haddock directory)



Drop (giavasan)


MoMB (bartcop entertainment)

MoMB (codewolf)


97147 (linkfilter)


Para los amantes de las ‘betas”’ (tecnorantes)

He descubierto vía Digg un sitio web que hará las delicias de los amantes de proyectos en fase “beta”.
Es una recopilación, llamada The Museum of Modern Betas y parece estar bastante actualizado.


bjoern amherd
Dave’s Imaginary Sound Space
mac evangelism
manic ravings
michael flessas
nicolas heiringhoff
nmm business community
nyla smart
The Relentless Stream of Consciousness
try catch


glebarr googlepages
Presse – Spiegel Romso
In the Head of Syed
danielo’s start page

16 December 2005


Ran Aroussi has released a Tags plugin for Textpattern.

update: Coke Harrington has another one: chh_keywords

10 December 2005

Web 2.0 anno 1930

Recently I learned that there has been podcasting already a hundred years ago, and now Martin Lindner highlights a few spooky structural similarities between the Web 2.0 and American Folk Music around 1930.

6 December 2005

Internet Explorer or Firefox?

Brilliant and sublime: Rocketboom: IE or Firefox?