27 June 2006

Next Action Balls 14

snapshot of todays next action balls

Holy crab, the last entry in the Next Action Balls series was written about a year ago.

Effect: my stuff is spread around everywhere on the web (give me a wiki or an application which lets you create lists and I’ll use it – for a week or so at least), hypertrophic dysfunctionalism.

Back to analog collecting, I guess.

24 June 2006

Micromovie by David Lynch using an original Lumiere camera (at Google Video) (via Hotlinks)

23 June 2006


Most del.icio.us tool for organising and sharing events ever: shnitzl

16 June 2006

Mo' Productivity Apps

A few recently launched todo listing, brainstorming, goal setting apps:

– I love this one. Lets you manage notes and to-do’s and comes in cute pink and blue.

– I like this one as well. Lets you collect and organise your ideas in categories and pages.

Joe’s Goals
– lets you set goals (daily or weekly; positive or negative) and track your progress.

– more to-do items, has many features if you need a higher degree of granularity.

5 June 2006

My Delicious Web

(del.icio.us vs. My Web)

Yahoo!’s My Web got some rework yesterday

I like it somehow, still no way to export your bookmarks in a clean way though.

4 June 2006


Gosh, it was about time that someone reintroduces the prefix post (quite popular in the 70s and 80s) into the Web 2.0 space: PostBubble