28 April 2007


Google announces Authors@Google (informal talks with authors centering on their recently published books):

We’re delighted to share our digital library of events with you, and will continue adding to it. We hope you’ll bookmark this page and check back often.

I’m no fan of the checklist approach to measure usability (RSS, API, Microformats, good, no RSS, no API, no Microformats, lame) – but they obviously put some effort into this, and they obviously will update this series regularly, and they obviously do want interested folks to stay in the loop, so why not throw in a feed for the updates and eliminate the need to check back often?

Check out RSS in plain English for why this would be useful.

25 April 2007

Next Action Balls 16

current snapshot of my next action balls basket

Holy crab, the last entry in the Next Action Balls series was written 8 month ago.

Basically back to paper. Paper rules.