IT Conversations hosts the complete audio archive of the Bloggercon III held November 2004. My second stop was the Overload Session, hosted by Robert Scoble.

quick notes:

so if the average blog reader is subscribed to 50 to 100 feeds (and struggles) – how do power feedsters with 1000+ feeds and mails each day survive?

  • motivation: feeling of staying on top of the world
  • accessing the raw you vs. the filtered and beautyfied treasures
  • it’s easy to find the good things that people cluster around, but how to find the hidden goodies
  • filtering promises hope (via aggregators, via people that do the filtering for you, via attention.xml, via reputation systems, via content based classification models, via a combination of technical and social intermediaries,… but: don’t let a single source control what you read)
  • missed presentation features in aggregators: sort by most linked to blog (should be interesting), by least linked blog (could be even more interesting), by frequency of posts, …
  • the role of the producer (use categories vs. free flows, restrict yourself vs. do what you want; connector blogs and commentator blogs)

and: a zen acceptance of being able to sleep knowing you didn’t read everything might help

The first stop was the Newbie Session.