Samorost screenshots

Two absolutely lovely flash-based games: Samorost and Treasure Box. I’m no gamer, but I definitively didn’t expect this amount of strangeness and weird beauty (via DieLux).

Change of subject: I’m currently reading a transcript of Niklas Luhmann’s introductory lectures on System Theory, and for two nights in a row I was hit by a narcoleptic attack at the same sentence – ‘(information) is a difference that makes a difference’ – after reading only two pages. If I read before sleeping, I usually read about 50 pages, and I wasn’t tired at all. The only similiar experience I can recall was when I was learning Scheme (a Lisp dialect) trying to get a grasp on continuations. For a few days in a row I really wanted to think this through, but it was like ‘OK. Call with current continuation zzz’.