Over the last couple of days I find myself preparing (and eating) peanut butter sandwiches all the time. OK, that’s not really newsworthy, but usually I never ever buy peanut butter. Yet a few days ago I subcounsciously headed for the peanut butter in the supermarket, and I’m hooked ever since. I didn’t give this sudden addiction any second thought, even if my regular diet is basically a rotation within a kind of limited subset of dishes I cook or junk-food I like or cafes I visit – tastes do change over time and sometimes I add something to my food portfolio or kick something out.

Then I stumbled upon a treemap of the most popular links in del.icio.us and spotted the Peanut Butter Wiki at the bottom of the map:

I use this (free and really easy to set up and use) wiki for about three weeks now, but after registration you are never confronted with the term peanut butter any more (it’s pbwiki then), so I missed this obvious trigger for my peanut gusto. But there is this little icon at the top of each page, staring at you all the time:

I wonder if this subliminal manipulation would work too, if the wiki would be called garbage soup wiki?