Recently, and thanks to GTD / 43 Folders my inbox in Gmail is empty (and yawning in utter boredom). That’s good. But I also use GTD-action contexts as tags for my bookmarks in (@inbox, @toread, @toevaluate, @someday,…), and those are just bursting.

I guess what’s good for emails is also good for bookmarks, so I wrote a Greasemonkey script to support me in my link sweeping efforts. All it does is to highlight posts with certain tags in (like @inbox or @toread, this is configurable) to give a little visual reminder that they require some sort of action or attention (read, install, archive, tag). At the end of the day, all colors should be gone (read and/or labeled ond/or deleted).

update: since delcious is gone, the script is gone to