So Fotolia – a marketplace for photos targeting the long tail – launched yesterday, TechCrunch has the story.

It’s interesting to compare the top 150 tags photographers use to describe a photo:

abstract adult animal architecture art asian attractive autumn background beach beautiful beauty black blue body boy bright brown brunette building business child children christmas city close close-up closeup clouds color colorful colors colour computer concept cute dark decoration design detail diet drink eat eyes face fall farm fashion female field flora flower flowers food forest fresh fruit fun garden girl glass gold grass green hair hand happy head health healthy holiday home hot house isolated kid lady landscape leaf leaves life light love macro male man metal model money natural nature nutrition object ocean office old orange outdoor outdoors over white paper park pattern people person pink plant play portrait pose power pretty red reflection round sand sea season seasonal sexy shadow sign skin sky smile smiling spring stone summer sun sunset sweet symbol tasty technology teen texture travel tree trees vacation water white winter woman women wood work yellow young

with top 150 tags of the most searched photos:

3d animal apple art asian australia autumn baby background ball baseball beach bear beauty bee bikini bird black blue body bottle boy breast bridge building buildings business butterfly camera car cars cat child children china christmas church city coffee computer corn couple dog door erotic eye eyes face fall family female fire fireworks fish flag flower flowers food forest frog fruit girl girls glass globe green hair halloween hand heart horse hot house ice india italy japan kids kiwi lake lamp landscape laptop leaf leaves legs light london love man men money moscow mushroom naked nature new night nude office old orange paper paris people peppers phone photo pictures pool pumpkin pussy rain red rose russia sand santa sea seagull sex sexy sign singapore sky smile snow soccer sun sunflower sunset sushi swan teen tiger tits tower train tree wall water wedding white wine winter wolf woman women work york

AFAIK this is the first service which contrasts these two perspectives (the authors seem to have a more poetic notion, the users seem to search for nouns mostly). I wonder if these clouds approximate over time.