I feel sad that Bloglines [bloglines.com] continues to deconstruct itself. Feedreaders are like a relationship after all. There are plenty of them out there, each one with its own bundle of strengths and weaknesses. But at some point you’ve got to choose and then better stick with it. Since we spend a lot of time with them, even the shortcomings become likeable. At least we arrange ourselves, develop little hacks and workarounds, and learn to live with them.

Over the last couple of weeks Bloglines has had a few issues. Feeds have not been updated, sometimes none of them for a couple of hours, sometimes the site was just down. But stuff happens and every site has problems every once in a while. What I don’t get though is the communicative stealth mode of Bloglines regarding these problems. There is no blog, no section indicating current issues, nada.

A simple search on Twitter shows that a lot of users – hundreds, probably thousands – are jumping ship and switching to Google Reader. Is this what they want? I believe many of them would have stayed, if they simply gave us a nod that they are aware of the issue and working on it.